Helping Create Safe Drinking Water in Africa

The Albert and Vivian Puzey Foundation is a Christian Charity which engages in various projects to help mankind.

Our first project is to provide a means for creating safe drinking water in flood-ravaged Kenya through the Kisumu Kenya Safe Water Project.  Water Boiler in Kenya

We are excited to announce that the mission is underway, and that we have begun laying the groundwork for our manufacturing operation in Kenya.

There are three main objectives of the Kisumu Kenya Safe Water Project.

1/ To provide the people with a sustainable method of creating safe drinking water accomplished by setting up manufacturing facilities in Kisumu, Kenya to produce solar water boilers that can boil water with the power of the sun.

100_12102/ To reduce the costs people have to spend on cooking fuel thus reducing the environmental impacts of cooking.

3/ To provide employment opportunities for “aged-out” orphans who are manufacturing the solar water boilers at our facility in Kisumu, Kenya.